Zócalo AIR 2020 Semi-Finalist

Ronald Llewellyn Jones

Ronald Llewellyn Jones is a multidisciplinary artist based in Houston, Texas whose artistic practice incorporates photography, video, drawing, printmaking and sculptural installations. Projects produced by Jones aim to create a compelling dialogue with the viewer by providing a platform for the voice of a particular audience group within society such as artists, storytellers, musicians, creatives and community minded individuals. Through documentation and creative storytelling, these individuals are able to share a unique perspective on issues relating to their life experiences.

In his most recent site-specific yarn sculptures, Jones explores the barriers between artists and audiences by engaging communities through public installations. These works include a guerilla-style sculptural installation titled For Public Consumption. This project transformed an undermaintained green space into a public art exhibition.

"My work explores the idea of an omnipresent fabric which defines us as human beings through an exploration of themes such as loss, connectivity within a community, and perceived normalcy of everyday life."  -Ronald Jones

The process of his installations has ultimately become an exercise in community participation in which the involved community members that assisted in restoring the park became conservators of the green space and supporters of public art in their community.


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30 is a site specific sculpture installed at Flatland Gallery located on Westheimer in Houston, Texas.
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"With my public sculptures, I intend to highlight the pathways and give the residents an alternative view of their surroundings. In the past my installation pieces have served as a creative way to provide a new path around the homes, galleries and parks. Illuminating and connecting the underused with the more frequently utilized areas, these works have the capability to help navigate space and inspire you along your path."     

-Ronald Llewellyn Jones

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