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Zócalo AIR 2020 Semi-Finalist

AKIRASH | Olaniyi R. Akindiya |

AKIRASH's is an Austin based multidisciplinary artist from Lagos, Nigeria. His work focuses on moments of time, fleeting moments that can be easily forgotten or transformed. Reflecting on rural versus urban life, the accelerated pace of development and social infrastructure, his works and performative activities play around social subjectivities with dramatic components, breaking down conventional barriers.

AKIRASH utilizes a multitude of techniques and materials, including re-purposed objects, which may manifest in mixed media painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, sound, performance. While inscribing all these mediums in his comprehensive compositions, his works achieve an accumulative density that overwhelms with spectacle, grandeur, and wonderment.

"I believe that art can be a balm to the soul, revealing a quiet inner truth. My art is a reflection of the joys of life, directly inspired by rhythm, harmony, and the movement of daily existence."   -AKIRASH

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mixed media tapestry wearable sculpture. 6 x 5 x 4 ft. Materials used are varieties fabric , beads, mirrors, re- purposed like wrist watches, bells, and many more.
Portrait of Artist in Studio

"As an artist, I believe our calling is not only to create beautiful works of art, but to create dialogue, to be the voice of reason, and to comment on the current issues that are dividing and endangering our humanity, terrorizing our economy and our health, both as individuals and as world citizens. Over the past 19 years as a full-time artist, I have been in the forefront of using my works, whether performance, installation, sculpture, video or photography, as a tool to address the most pressing issues that surface at that moment of time."          -AKIRASH

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