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Multi Family Matters Radio: Resident Engagement – Building Apartment Neighborhoods

Discussing how to create the feeling of a “neighborhood” in multifamily properties using resident engagement.


‘Be Someone’ duo and other artists win free rent at Zócalo apartments

An artist’s life is rarely easy, but living will be more affordable next year for four emerging talents who’ve won the first artist residencies in a Houston multi-family commercial property.


Zócalo Artist Residency Announces 2020 Winners

Houston’s Zócalo Apartments announced the three winners of its inaugural residency program for 2020: Alex Ramos and Billy Baccam as Input Output, and Theresa Escobedo.


6 Art Residencies You Need To Apply in September 2019

Looking for a new challenge in a second half of 2019? See the list of art residency programmes in breathtaking locations from around the world. The deadlines are coming soon.


Calling all artists! Live rent-free at this apartment complex

The Zocalo apartment complex in Spring Branch is looking for three visual artists willing to create public art in exchange for a free apartment and a small monthly stipend.


Visual Artists: Apply to be an Artist-in-Residence at Zócalo in the Spring Branch District

Starting this month, other artists will be able to apply to become “artists-in-residence” at the 10-acre Spring Branch campus and share their art with Zócalo residents and the entire Spring Branch community.